Regional Dispatch Center

This page contains current information about active incidents. The contents are updated on 1 minute intervals and generated by the Phoenix Regional Dispatch Center. The agency associated with the unit number assignments are assigned regionally and can be found here...

***** Not All Calls Are Represented *****
Unit Legend:       Dispatched       Responding       Staged       Onscene       Command       To Hospital       At Hospital
A65600 N 59TH AV ,GLN1A MINIMART FIREE25+   E40+   E150+   E152+   E925+   W-151   PI151   L26   L152+   L157+   BC151   FI156   GLNP01   SRP000   SWG000   U159
A13A85 @ MP 128 SB XX ,MRC962M381   SQ381   DPS001
A95800 N 63RD AV ,GLNWORKING SHED FIREE26+   E158+   W-152   BC152   GLNIN   GLNP00   SRP001   SWG001   U10

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